Notice of Total Community Lockdown

April 20, 2021

By way of a passed motion of Chief & Council, a total lockdown for 14 days has been declared for the community (Reserve lands) of Whitefish Lake First Nation #459. This is a necessary measure to properly respond to the rising Covid-19 cases in the community and the surrounding towns and cities across Alberta. The health and safety of our community is of the utmost importance and we must curb this virus and move towards zero positive cases.

This Total Lockdown is in Effect as of 12 noon – April 20, 2021 and until 12 noon – May 04, 2021

During the Total Community Lockdown Period:

1. Security will be stationed at the highway checkpoints and community entry
gates and will:
~Monitor the community traffic
~Monitor non-resident traffic that are passing through the highway (750)
~Provide information as required
~Take mandatory temperature checks at the community entry gates
~Perform other duties necessary to enforce this lockdown.

2. Nobody can enter the community unless for the reasons specified under item #4 (essential service providers).

3. Nobody is allowed to leave the community for any reason except for emergency medical purposes and for residents that require to go outside the reserve lands for identified and acceptable employment purposes (see Item #5). For greater clarity, emergency medical purposes are where it is verified and signed by WFLFN Health Center and where an ambulance or medical vehicle is required to transport patients for:
~Dialysis treatment
~Heart attack/stroke
~Severe injuries or medical purpose where it requires an ambulance or medical vehicle
4. Certain essential service providers may enter the community. This includes the following:
~Non-resident Plumbers (will be escorted by security to destination)
~Electricians (will be escorted by security to destination)
~Internet providers (will be escorted by security to destination)
~Water truck
~Sewer truck
~Health service providers (ambulance, nurses, doctors etc.). Nurses whether employed by WFLFN or Federal government (Health Canada), must stay in the community during this lockdown period. In the event that health service providers leave the community, they cannot re-enter until advised to do so.
~Finance staff (only community residents)
~Confectionary delivery (will be escorted by security to destination)
~Post office delivery (will be escorted by security to destination)

5. Residents that require to leave the community (reserve lands) for identified and acceptable employment purposes must go straight home after work and are to isolate themselves in their house until they go back to work. This house will be considered under isolation during this total lockdown period.

6. Residents that have a scheduled court appearance during this total lockdown period can call the appropriate court and make arrangements to re-schedule an appearance due to this health and safety measure.

7. Residents that live adjacent to the highway (750) can go in and out of the main community.

8. Residents that live in Whitefish River can go in and out of the main community.

9. Nobody is to go inside other households during this 14-day lockdown period. Visitation between residents may be allowed on condition that a visitor and a household resident stay outside for the duration of the visit and follow the safety measures (mask, social distancing, etc.)

10. WFLFN Security will be taking random temperature checks on households during this lockdown period. This is voluntary. In the event that a high temperature is recorded, ambulance services will be called.

11. Security will watch over persons, or households, that are under isolation or quarantine orders and will ensure that there are no visitors and leaving the residence yard. If residents do not comply with an isolation or quarantine order, Security will inform the RCMP.

12. Curfew hours of 11:00 pm to 6:00 am will remain in effect

There will be No Exceptions.

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