**Due to COVID-19 Pandemic the Band Office is closed until further notice**

Whitefish Lake First Nation #459

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Whitefish Lake First Nation #459

COVID-19 Pandemic Response

The website of Whitefish Lake First Nation #459 is still under-construction. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic we have created information pages to keep band members  informed on what measures, and efforts our community is taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the community. There are no confirmed cases in Atikameg. Updates will be posted here, so please check back often. Our Facebook page "Whitefish Lake First Nation #459" will also be posting updates. The hope is to keep members and the community informed with correct information. If it is not posted here or on the facebook page, it is not true. In times like now, false information is running rampant, causing more unnecessary worry and fear. We encourage our members and the community to do your due diligence and research before believing something you saw on social media or heard from someone. We are all in this together.


stay safe, and stay the blazes home,

Hiy hiy

Most Recent Updates 

Whitefish Lake First Nation #459

COVID-19 Pandemic Response Update:

April 18, 2020

Requirements & Expectations

Every member is required to follow the simple instructions from security, authority was given to

security to have rules followed to prevent the covid-19 virus from entering our community.


As of April 18 2020:

  1. Every member is required to stay in the community 3 days straight. And every 4th day: members can go to the surrounding store(s) to purchase groceries and supplies. (this does not apply to people that need to go medical facilities everyday)

  2. All person(s) that are providing a service to the general public are expected to put themselves in a 14 day self isolation: if they came from outside of the community.

    • If the individual is working alone in an office or vehicle, with no interaction with people. They can continue doing so. 

    • However: those that interact with people on a daily basis; and have a high risk of coming closer than 6 feet; shall self isolate themselves for the minimum expected duration.

  3. If individuals insist on leaving for any reason. The individual will be expected to self isolate themselves for a minimum of 14 days with no interaction with the general public.

  4. After April 17 2020 council meeting: The council have decided that people need to go and enjoy the warmer weather, and take their evening walks in and around their neighbourhood and ATV rides within the traditional territory. The Curfew will be changed to accommodate the need for fresh air. (ATV rides within traditional territory will not require the 14 day self-isolation requirement.)

  5. New curfew time is: 10pm-7am residents of the community will be expected to return to their residents or place of dwelling at 10pm sharp.

  6. New Lockdown time is: 12 midnight – 7am. All residents are expected to be in the community by this hour. Whitefish has been lenient for the past 5 weeks. we must now be stringent this time. As we see the virus is spreading all around us.

  7. Whitefish has a prohibited substance and intoxicants bylaw that was drafted and approved in 1993; and is still in effect.

  8. All residents are expected to follow the “regulate intoxicant bylaw” as it still is current and in effect.

  9. Security can search individuals vehicle that is entering the community to search all suspected vehicles for any prohibited intoxicants: Especially during the lockdown hours. Security have the authority to search trunks and hatchbacks and security can confiscate and destroy all intoxicants entering into the community. Especially for the sole purpose of sale or bartering of the intoxicant.

Whitefish Lake First Nation #459

COVID-19 Pandemic Response Update:

April 9, 2020

During this pandemic there will be rules enforced by the security under the authority of The Chief and Council of Whitefish Lake First Nation. As authorized by the Indian Act:81 (1) The council of a band may make by-laws not inconsistent with this Act or with any regulation made by the Governor in Council or the Minister, for any or all of the following purposes, namely,






to provide for the health of residents on the reserve and to prevent the spreading of contagious and infectious diseases;

the regulation of traffic;

the observance of law and order;

the prevention of disorderly conduct and nuisances;

Just for clarification:

Quarantine: is a state of enforced isolation. Whitefish is not under quarantine as of yet. We are highly recommending self-isolation when and if an individual: returns from any of the surrounding towns to get groceries and essential supplies. Example: an individual goes to Slave Lake; upon returning, they will go straight home and self-isolate (they can go about their business as long as they practice social distancing). Social distancing- no shaking hands or hugging individuals that do not live in the same household. Recommended distance is 6 feet apart.


A curfew is in place by way of a BCR


Curfew: 10 pm to 7am

Lockdown: 12am to 7am

** Curfew & Lockdown times updated: April 18, 2020**

During the curfew:

No individual should be walking, driving on any road or trail.

Everyone should be in their place of residence by this hour.

From 7am to 10pm; individuals can walk around, or drive around on their atv’s and such. But as soon as its 10pm. Everyone that is not providing essential services to the community must be inside their residence (on your patio or step is considered inside your residence).

During the lock down:

From 12am -7am nobody will be allowed to enter into the main community (unless it is to provide an essential service or to deal with a family emergency). In a case where an individual miscalculated the time or other issues happened to prevent them from making the lockdown. Their vehicle will be searched by security for prohibited substances and the individual(s) will be escorted home by security while on Facebook live. The safety of our community is paramount!

Security is authorized to stop every vehicle that they deem to be a threat to our community. All of whitefish will be considered to be a Facebook live zone.

Vehicles pulling up to the security or people walking or driving around after curfew: the security is authorized to start the Facebook live video.

This is for the safety of our security and the safety of the community.

During a routine security check:

  1. For People that do not live in the main reserve; they will not be allowed to enter in. Unless it is to get their mail or in a case of family emergency (delivering tobacco or any non-essential product is not an emergency). This means walk-in individuals as well.

  2. The driver will be asked to roll down all tinted windows.

  3. Every vehicle deemed to be a threat will be asked to open the trunk to ensure no prohibited person or products are coming into the community.

  4. All individuals walking or driving around after curfew will be asked to go back to their place of residence.

Main highway security:

  1. Every four-wheeled vehicles will be required to stop and be questioned.

  2. All industry workers with clear identification on vehicle will be waved through.

  3. Tanker trucks will be waved through.

  4. Individuals stating that they’re passing through, the individual will be escorted through security while Facebook live is on.

The safety of Whitefish is top priority for all of us. Rules are in place not to disrupt individuals lives; but to help keep this deadly virus from entering into our community. As this virus is all over the world and is killing people by the thousands, our biggest fear is that this virus can wipe out our whole nation. This is why we’re enforcing a strict curfew and a strict lockdown; it’s for the safety of every individual that lives in Whitefish Lake First Nation.

Yours truly,

Chief Albert Thunder

Councillor Hughie Tallman

Councillor Darren Auger

Councillor James Nahachick

Councillor Richard A. Laboucan